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Assuming you don't plan to SLI, that you will not setup RAID and that will only overclock it "light" (stock cooler), I would use the following:

Intel E8400 165 usd
Gigabyte EP-45-UD3L 99 usd
EVGA 9800GT 115 usd after rebate
2 x Western Digital Caviar 250GB AAKS 55 usd each
Patriot Viper 4GB DDR2 1066 39 usd after rebate
Cooler Master Eilte 330 40 usd after rebate
Corsair 650TX 70 usd after rebate

This adds about 640 usd (450 pounds)
The remaining 50 pounds would be used in the DVD burner and miscelaneous

I like this one because even at stock speed, it runs 1333 MHz FSB & 1066 DDR2 RAM. If you overclock, you can get a lot from this system...
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