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New Build for Photographer & Designer

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Hey guys I was wondering what are the most important parts I needed to focus when building a system for someone that does Photography and Designing? such as CPU or RAM or High end video card etc...

Total cost will need to be around $800-900 dollars. Any idea what I can pull out with that amount?
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Well lets see here:
- a beefy enough quad core to push the rendering/photoshop. (intel fan here, I'd recommend at least a Q9400)

- a decent enough video card to push a 24 to 30 inch display (I'm a nvidia fan and will recommend the gtx 260 / 9800gtx if not a quadro or workstation card)

- ample (2 TB or more) hard drive space versus performance hard drives. I can't see a need for a raptor.

beyond this, I would think it could be left up to interpretation/preference.
does he/do you have anything already for the build? OS? monitor? etc?
I believe they have XP and dual monitors but which size I'm not sure. Also system don't need to be SLi.

Originally Posted by TheLatinHeat
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I believe they have XP and dual monitors but which size I'm not sure.

fair enough. If they already have that much:

I left out an optical drive but you can figure in $30 for a DVDRW, and the PSU could stand to be upgraded...(650TX for the same price after rebate). If nothing else, toss in another $90 for an extra 1TB of storage.

also, I'm sure there are plenty of folks out there that could put together an AMD system that would be comparable to this.. and probably cheaper... but I don't have enough hands on with the newer AMD systems to make any recommendations (last setup was dual opteron/Tyan board).
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your main priority is the cpu, a 64bit os, and then huge amounts of ram (8gb at least), a high speed hdd. a radeon 4850 is more than enough to handle that. i'd go with an i7 build. but you can also go with a phenom 2 x4 for a better bargain.
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If you go with the PhII 940 BE and a Biostar 790GX board it will cost you about $70 less than the q9400... although I think he forgot to include the ram in that list, so the total price will be similar to that. Grab yourself 8gig of DDR2 ram for $80-110 and you should be really close to budget.

The 940 BE is slightly better performer that the q9400 (if both are run at stock speeds), so I think that is the best choice here. If you had a much larger budget, then I would say that i7 might be better, due to the purpose of the build.

Good luck man
$807 shipped

Game was added automatically, oh well. Also there are a few problems with the 1TB hard drives so for a reliable stand point the 750GB is true and tested.

EDIT: Also the Sapphire 4870 is $5 more if you want a different cooler.
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Nice Thanks! I will start working on it. Thanks guys for your time and input you guys posted here.
Depends on if the programs he use can utilize CUDA or not, he might want to get a Nvidia card. Adobe Premiere and Photoshop CS4 can utilize CUDA. Also the 9800GT can be softmodded to a Quadro FX, which some rendering program uses.

For the rest of the system, just get a good quad core and at least 4gb of ram and he should be fine. Either get the PII 940 or the Q6600.
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