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New build-getting random lock up, need help.

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Just finished putting together the build in my sig a few days ago. I installed Vista 32 without any issues. I have the two HD's set up in RAID 0. Nothing in the computer is OC'ed, as I don't want to OC anything until I get this problem resolved. All of the components in the build are brand new.

The problem is that the computer is locking up very randomly. I'm not getting the BSOD, the screen just freezes (no artifacting on the screen either) along with the computer. The only thing I can do at that point is manually power down and restart. Also, the lock up occures much more frequently when I try to play any games (usually I am only able to run a game for a few minutes before the computer locks up). However, as long as I'm not trying to run any games then the computer will run ok and the lock ups are much less frequent (very random).

I've monitored all of the temps of the cpu and the gpu's and nothing is getting overheated. I've also tried using the newest drivers for everything (mobo, gpu, DirectX, etc.), as well as using the older drivers (just to see if there was any difference in performance). Nothing has worked so far.

Any suggesttions/help is very much appreciated.

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Have you updated the BIOS for the motherboard?
Have you run Memtest to check your RAM?
Yes, I've ran Memtest and the RAM checks out ok. I've also ran the BIOS that came with the motherboard, as well as updating it from EVGA's website.

id suggest, trying to run your rig outside of the box, maybe a short somewhere i highly doubt it but its worth a try...also i had this problem reason i re-built a machine is my video card went bad
would lock up randomly during games and the computer would restart after a bit by itself...also try taking everything out and re-seating it.
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Konfused- I will try reseating everything this evening when I get home. The thing that is confusing me is that it will lock up randomly sometimes when I'm not in a game. So it's not just an "in game" issue.

Also, when I first built this computer I had a bad SATA drive so I had installed vista 32 on an old IDE hard drive that I had lying around and didn't have any issues what so ever (in games or otherwise). This issue didn't arise until I installed my new Western Digital drives. As far as I can tell, the two WD hard drives are both good. Could there be some other issue with the hard drives that is causing the lock ups?

ltulod- Ran HDTune on the drives and everything checks out ok on them.

Any other advice/suggestions. I running out of things I can think of to try.

Thanks everyone,
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