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New build Problems??

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Just got all my new parts in yesterday and got right to the build. Finally got it all assembled and fired it up. It posted and loaded everything ok. The hard drive is one I took out of my other system and already had windows on it etc. When it loads windows it goes right to the desktop screen just like everything is fine. Then it abruptly stop and go to a blue warning screen and says some software or hardware is having a problem. I went in and uninstalled all the drivers etc. that was on the other system and loaded all the new ones and still does the same thing. In windows it pulls up that (Your system has recovered from a serious error) I looked up the error report and it showed the following as the problem:
C:\\DOCUME~1\\GTXXX~1\\LOCALS~1\\Temp\\WER8042.dir 00\\mini03200902.
C:\\DOCUME~1\\GTXXX~1\\LOCALS~1\\Temp\\WER8042.dir 00\\sysdata.xml

That seems to be the old xxx drivers from the other card I had in the system before. But I cant figure out what the problem is?? I deleted all the old drivers and installed the new ones. Do I need to install a new copy of window or what??
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yeah just format and reinstall you'll be fine.
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Thanks, i'll give that a try and see if that wont do it.
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