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New Build so it was time to join!

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Well for the last 4 years I have been wallowing away on a Dell Dimension e521 and the itch caught up with me. But I did it right I waited for what I considered the best deals and did my research parts and what fit my needs.

So here it is...

Antec 900 ($90)
i7 920 ($230)
Foxconn Bloodrage ($280)
Gskill 1600 DDR3 RAM ($100 at newegg)
Antec 650w
2x4850 1gb (open box special at newegg in Jan)
HP 24" monitor (after x-mas impulse buy that started this mess!)

Total cost: approx $1400 (I'm trying not to think abotu how much I spent!)

Now to take my first crack at OCing!!!
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