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Was building a new rig and got delayed (damm car) so i went back to purchase my rig and the gtx 260 i was planning on getting shot up $40.
So i was wondering since the gtx 260 is now the same price as the 4870 1gb which one.
I read some benchmarks on the 2 cards head to head when they came out but i have also heard that the drivers for ati were not so great at launch.
Anyone got some new benchmarks or have had both cards.
Also what about the 4850x2 its the same price does it preform as well?
(you don't need a xfire mobo for the x2's right?)
I play games at 1920x1080 if that makes a diff
Oh yeah my set price is around $200
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No, you don't need a Crossfire for the 4850x2, at least I don't think so.
I would go for the GTX260, I've heard it outperforms the 4870 1GB, and comes close to the 4850X2, but uses much less power. Right now there is a Evga GTX260 Core216 on the Egg for $180, $160 AMIR with a free copy of COD5.

Although, you may want to update your sig-rig. If you're currently using a P4 I would upgrade that before I look at graphics cards.
4850X2 is an excellent card and drivers will only get better.
The one you linked is a 192 core

Yeah i was building a whole new rig and then had some car trouble and had to delay building it for a week or 2

New rig is gonna be using either a intel q9550 or q9650

I have another question if anyone can answer it.
Looking at the specs of the gtx260 vs 4870 i see that the 4870 seems to have better specs all around but yet the gtx 260 is a equal level card is there something i am missing?

Which brands are more trusted on the ati side aka asus vs sapphire vs whatever.
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xfx gtx260 at tigerdirect

Quoting myself lol

It's $199.99 with $1.99 shipping. After Live cashback and the $30 rebate it came out to $151.98 for me.
I would go with the card Dee. suggested.
Also, the performance gains between 192 core and 216 core are minimal, if any. It's all about the e-peen on that card.

One of the reasons the GTX260 is equal to the 4870 is the optimized drivers.
Another thing is the larger bit width (448 vs 256)

I never recommend the 4850x2. There is only one company that makes it, it doesn't have great driver support (not supported by official drivers, must use Sapphire customized drivers), it's extra long (11.5 inches, largest on market), doesn't have a great cooling solution (dual GPU card exhausting INTO the case..), and is backed by a not so great company. If you ever have to RMA or return the card, you have to pay a $15-$35 fee, plus shipping both ways.
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