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New case and radiator

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Just wanted to put a plug for the Antec P180B case. Except for the wieght, I love this thing. I dropped about 10C on my CPU loaded just from switching the case. Better air flow path and those two 120mm fans right next to the CPU make a big difference.

I also dumped my noisy NB fan for one of these Thermalright radiators and dropped the NB temps about 3C. I need to change the position and try to get better air flow across the fins. Not to mention the noise is down.

(Thanks to Newegg for the pics)
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Way Cool !! That silent rig is something I dream of !!!

Im planning on getting that NB cooler when I get some cash
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The ONLY thing that causes noise in my rig right now is my 3x 80mm Tri-color case fans. They are the stock ones that came with my case (acrylic) so they are noise. I have fanless NB and SB cooling and my Big Typhoon doesn't make any noise, can't tell the difference in noise from it being 100% or not even on

Can't wait to get new case, will be like a dream!
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