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New Case

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Hey im new here and i'm having trouble picking a new case.
I really would like a case that is similair to the 800D and the LL V100 in which it has a separate area for the PSU at the bottom of the case.
I'd also like it to be able to have good cable management and black interior or Aluminum interior like the LLs.
I'd also like it to be able to have EATX support for future use.
My budget would be anything $240 and lower.
i've been looking around newegg and cant seem to find anything that im looking for
Also i'd like it to have a window but it doesnt have to have one

I was originally going to get the corsair 800d but it seems to be WAY to large for underneath my desk.

What i'm considering:
Lian Li K62-No eATX support, No PSU isnt seperated.
Lian Li PC-A70F - No window, PSU isnt seperated
Cooler Mast HAF 932 - Ugly interior, Somewhat ugly exterior, no fan filters, non seperate psu
Antec 1200 - No seperate PSU, somewhat narrow looking

So what im basically asking all of you is which of those that im considering is better and if there is a case that can maybe fit my needs can you tell me?

thanky you!
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If you don't mind not having the separate area for the PSU, but still have it bottom mounted, get the Cooler Master 690

EDIT: no EATX support.
The Antec P193 doesn't have everything you are looking for, but it does have a separate area for the PSU and will take EATX motherboards.

i've decided to just go with the 800D and end my hunt.

Thank you for all your help
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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