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I got a AMD Athlon 64 3000+ processor, stuck it on an abit kn8 motherboard, added 2 sticks of patriot 512 meg ram, put on a geforce 6600 pci expresss 16x graphics card, 100 gig hd, and a dvd drive and turned it on.... and nothing happened.

Well okay the light on the board came on meaning it had power but that was it. For some stupid reason the cd rom wouldnt eject the cd until i turned it off and disconnected the 300 volt connecter wire and just gave it power. So my question is, what can you all think of that would make a computer know it had power, with a working hd, brand new equipment for the most part but not do anything but sit and act stupid.

Would the processor itself be bad? Thas why I am asking in this forum. The stupid processor cost the most of any part so I figure it something is broken its probably that. I never even get a bios screen, so something somewhere is not getting the message across. Ideas?
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