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"New" Computer from old parts.

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hey guys,

i've bought enough upgrades to make a computer out of my old parts! lol.
probably a dumb question but, can the system function without use of a
floppy? the case uses up one of the floppy bays to house the frontside usb
ports/mic/audio/firewire and i want to use the other for a card reader. just
wondering if i can use the system without buying a floppy drive.

for those of you interested, here are the specs on my 2nd machine:

AMD Athlon XP2000+
512mb pc2700 Infineon, 1gb on the way pending ebay purchase
MSI MX4000 64mb AGP
on board audio, buying a Creative 5.1 SoundBlaster Live!

I got bored one night and decided to spend my time building this computer
from scratch. i guess working in two seperate computer companies was
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Yeah it will work without a floppy - you just need to disable any reference to a floppy drive in the BIOS, or you'll get an error when you try and boot up.
Awesome little machine. I myself have enough spare parts to build two decent PCs (I'm a packrat
). That PC has Linux writen all over it
You don't need the floppy, unless you are a hardcore supporter of FDD (like me; all my PCs have them) or plan to use it to flash BIOSes (not eally needed even for that).
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that mobo is crap for OCing...i had one in my old rig
but its predy good at stock
lol i know its crap, ECS spells crap (they just disguise that with different letters) i only made this machine because i felt like it.
Lol. Nothing wrong with an old system. I have an old PIII that i built from computer parts that were thrown away and called it Frankenstein. Currently sitting in a box somewhere in my house...
Any MB that works is good
just not good for OCing

All that will make for a good secong PC
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i do the same thing 2 silver,i build pcs from what eva parts i got...i use all the best parts from 4 dif pcs & make 1 pc.
i work at a second hand store so i love to find computer parts that get
donated. i've also been scavenging used merchandise sites in my local area
to look for things to buy lol! its fun to see what people have that i can add
to my own pc's.

but anywho, the second pc also gives me an excuse to buy a new keyboard
(to replace my original acer keyboard from 1996) and also buy a 19"
Widescreen LG LCD

not that i need excuses to buy things, i buy them anyways!

oh! and i bought a brand new logitech usb mouse from work for $3.99 -30% employee discount.
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