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I currently have the Biostar tforce 754 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16813138268
I was thinkin maybe a Opty 144 with 1MB L2 to compair to my mobile on a 939 of the same biostar board.http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16813138264 so that i will be able to upgrade in the future to a better chip. The opty 144 looks similar in specs to my mobile 3000+. Or get the Opty 146. I like the 1MB l2 cache and i dont know if the S754 board will support the mobiles i am waitin on an adapter to go from 20+4 to 24+4 for my biostar. I might get the 3400+ Newcastle or the 3000+ venice or newcastle..what u guys think??
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I would save just a couple of more bucks and get the 3700 san diego
I have the money i just dont know what to get...i have to see if newegg.com will exchange my S754 for the S939 B/cs i ordered the wrong 1. But since i had the S754 i was lookin at my options??
I am sellin my current rig to my brother to get the parts for my new rig.
Do you have a mATX case or are you just picking those because they're inexpensive?
I have the 754 board and would like 2 see about exchanging it for the 939 and getting the 3700+ San Diago because of the price. but if i can exchange it i will try to get $70 shipped from some one on here. I payed $80 Shipped and its brand new never used. I would like to get the 939 board of the same (price and on board video) and get the 3700+ san diago. ??? i dont know if the 754 is goin to be worth it. moneys good for the san diago but i need the 939 board which i can get if i can exchange it with newegg.com or sell the 754 for $70.
The egg might accept the return if you play stupid and explane you wanted a 939 and list the MB and CPU you want to purchase in exchange.
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Good idea... but i have thought of that already and i am waiting for a response....rep for u...haha
Great minds think alike
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Now if they ill just go 4 it i willbe in good shape.
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