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New custom case for NVidia case contest

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It's a copy of 7950GX2.
150meters laser engraving
8mm plexy
Hand-made WC setup

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Wow this is the best case ever i give you 10/10
I like how the side looks like a pci-e v-card.
Wheres that from? Cuz it's pretty sweet. I like the etching, but, it was all done by a laser, so it was all programmed. Probably got it right the first time..LOL

slade, that's not your's is it??
The sexy!!!

That's awesome. Very nice job on the case.
Check out the chic, well partial part of a chic, that you can see in the second pic...

That has got to be the best looking case I have ever seen. Excellent job.
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I <3 it
This is an Nvidia case, guys... not his...
Oh, btw, I don't like it.... In fact, I don't like acrylic cases in general... but oh well...
Thats a Sick case. I've lost my interest in acrylic cases.... ironically enough just after buying mine. Anyone wana buy one?

Yeah AMAZING mod idea tho! GG!
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Cool stuff.. too bad everyone thought it was Slade's.. I wonder if he got a few reps for an awesome case mod?!
thats it where the hell do i buy that
This is old 4-12-06 over at bit tech labs, xooler made it
Yeesh, that is so outdated. Wheres the 8800GTX one?
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