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had the 4K/256GB model for a few days, thought I'd do a quick review. This is the latest 2-in-1 from Dell....has a lot of juicy specs that OCN folks might be interested, at the expense of some downfalls.


battery is quite poor for the 4K model. Brightness 25% with wifi, I get around 5 hours browsing. The battery is pretty small @ 30Whr...might be a dealbreaker for many

has trouble waking up sometimes..from reading around it's win10 problem.

folio is meh..doesn't cover keyboard end fully, designed so that it can cover up the tablet portion fully when the k/b is not used.

Chrome is really buggy on it...crashes a lot and 4K youtube isn't smooth...zero problem on using MS Edge

Dell's outsourced customer service: -10/10...I've dealt with them for years...absolute horsedung like always. Have fun waiting on the phone for hours and getting transferred multiple times.


incredible display...Sharp 4K IGZO with 400-nits & 100% Adobe RGB...probably the nicest monitor I've seen.

keyboard...backlit with 1.9mm travel...Surface's k/b cover isn't even comparable here

lightweight: 800g tablet...whole package is under 1.3kg

dead silent (fanless and zero moving parts)...runs pretty cool. SSD is a Samsung V-NAND M.2

two USB-C slots. You can hook up 2 external 4K monitors..and quite possibly an external video card next year.

build quality is great. rubberized Mg feels nice...not that cold Al unibody I'm used to.


I was most worried about the fixed-angle in laptop mode...it's actually pretty natural on the lap for me. Beats a surface kick stand either way.

I didn't get the free Wacom pen yet. Apparently it's decent with the Wacom digitizer.

I haven't gamed on it or run benchmarks. No issues with the Core M lagging. It feels comparable to an i3/i5.

thin-ass bezels has always been my thing, but it can get awkward holding as a tablet. I don't know if there's a setting where I can be holding onto the screen and still allow multitouch.

My advise: If you want something that's more polished with better performance buy a surface pro.

if you like something a little more futureproof and/or you do editing...go with the XPS, that's if you can live with meh battery life and atrocious customer service

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I also purchased the XPS 9250 and had it for 1 month. I think this is an amazing idea but in actuality it failed. Like you the XPS would not come out of sleep mode 90% of the time. I also had other issues like the SSD randomly going MIA and then less than a second later it is detected. The display driver would error out at times.

I ended up returning mine and waiting for them to refund my account. I will keep buying from DELL but I will not buy another DELL XPS 9250 until they work the bugs out.
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