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www.techlounge.co.za has gone live in South Africa.

Hey guys, anyone from South Africa who is interested in building a new Pc for whatever means can visit techlounge.co.za, Specializing in boutique custom builds.

You can custom quote them if you want a cheaper price than listed.

I got my two Msi 980ti's for an amazing launch price with great service from these guys, always checking on their customers, they called me to check if everything was working and if I needed help installing.

They've told me they are in talks with DXRacer and other brands, to bring the rarer PC niche brands to South Africa.

Anyways all the South African guys on Ocn check them out.

Disclaimer: Sorry if this comes off as advertisement, I didn't really know where to post this, but this is great news for PC enthusiasts in South Africa.
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