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Got a shiny new EVGA 650Ti 2Gb board from Newegg last week, and plugged it into an Asus P8Z77M Mobo with i5-3350p CPU, 16Gb ram, Antec 750W PSU, 256Gb SSD and a fresh install on Win 7 x64 Ultimate, Nothing else. Just testing right now on a cheap 1920 X 1080 Scetptre monitor on the test bench via DVI.

In all cases the card works well enough to load the OS. It when the actual Nvidia driver turns on I get the "green line" screen, then crash and reboot.

The Mobo BIOS is fresh updated. Nothing overclocked yet, everything at standard or "quiet" plain vanilla settings or below. I just need to seem something work first.

NOTE: Linux Mint 14 x64 works fine with this board. Memory test is fine.

NOTE: I can load up Windows 7 x32 and board works with driver 314.07 x32. Load up Win 8 x32, board works fine with 314.07 x32.

It just won't work with a 64-bit OS, as far as I can see:

1. Loaded Win7 x64 with NVidia 314.07 -x64 drivers (just the Graphics Drivers) section All goes well. At reboot, the card green-line crashes right at login screen, right when it switches to NVidia drivers.

2. Does exactly the same thing with Win 8 x64: Board crashes right as new drivers are installed and activated; doesn't require a reboot to crash.

3. Move board to another PC running Win 7 x32. Works,

4. Move board to another PC running Win 7 x64 on a Gigabyte Mobo and intel I3-3220 (Intel graphics driver removed), crashes.

5. Tried swapping PSU, but its not that, plus everything is running OK on32-bit OS's. Linux 64-bit is OK.

6. Tried swapping slots around on Mobo, and turning off "Memory Remap above 4Gb" etc. BIOS is set to use PCIE slot for primary video, and in my case this CPU doesn't have any video on it anyway.

Tried down-reving the NVidia drivers several revs back to Oct 2012, no difference.

This computer is not even on the 'Net yet, and its not Windows Update getting confused.

?? Any ideas?? Has anyone had anything like this??
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