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New Fan from Cooler Master - "Excalibur"

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Cooler Master has a new fan called, "Excalibur". It looks fugly to me.

Check out the specs.
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Ok, well it's a fan not a Mercedes. Having said that, It's air pressure rating is excellent. It's cfm to dba ratings are good to. But expected price is around $27. That's a little steep for me.
That might be a very good fan! Good found. We better check it out
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too pricey... $27 is 2x panaflo's or yate loon's with a sunbeam rheobus already
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I think it looks pretty neat. Would go well with the new Xigmatek Dark Knight I ordered... Specs appeart to be pretty decent as well.
If it is for real then it is great but with cooler master and previous ultra bogus spec claims, I am not holding my breath.
Interesting.. the frame has small holes that they claim will reduce noise. This doesn't seem to be the usual run of the mill fan. Some people will balk at the price tag but I don't mind paying for quality and silence.

I still love my Noiseblocker NB's.. . . those Germans make a mean fan.
I just got two of these for a review and am running it as a push pull on the Baram. Load temps are down by about 3.5 degrees as of now. Amazing fans...they have not launched here yet, so don't know what they cost, but they push a TON of air...it beats the Yateloon high speeds by 3.5 degrees and the Scythe GT 1850 by about 4.5-5 degrees as of now. Will put out my findings real soon.

BTW, they are noisy. Its more a wosh of air than the fan blade noise, but they are noisy. Fan controller recommended.
Review of these....they are quite nice and push a ton of air, but they are noisy. Undervolting them to run at 1750/1850 rpm is a good trade off.

Hmm, I hope they make LED versions. then i will replace the fans in my scout with these ones, hopefully green. Yes green, because red and black is too common
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85CFM @ 35dBA? Yeah, I don't trust that dBA rating for a second. The review seems to back me up on that. I would like to have seen the fan tested on a radiator, though, and actual CFM and adjusted noise levels.
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