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New folding rig

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i am looking to build a new machine as it has been about 6 months on my old new rig so time to update. should i do a8n32sli with a fx-60 and 2gig of ram and slied 7800gtxs, or a p5n32slideluxe with a 955 ee and two gig ram with slied 7800gtxs?. i will use my current rig as a media/file server with 4 250gig hd in raid5 and the new one for games/folding. at newegg the differance is only like $25 buck cause the intel is higher the the amd but the intel board is cheaper. so???? only thing that makes me want the intel is cause i got a TT kit seting in my closet i could use for it, need block for the amd.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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