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New from Seattle

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Hi everyone, i just joined up today and i plan on building a very fast computer soon. I use to build them years ago and plan on getting back into it. Anyone have recommendations on really good motherboards and graphics cards and processors? i haven't started searching yet, but i thought i'd post an intro first. I want to build a top notch computer that will last like 5 years without needing to upgrade. money really is not a problem
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Welcome to Overclock.net

If you want the fastest computer, something based off the Intel Core i7 CPU will be it.
You can start asking questions here - http://www.overclock.net/intel-general/
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HI and WELCOME to OCN and back to BYO
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Wlcome buddy, hope your frustrations perish when u chat to some of the more brainy members.

i welcome you from AU
welcome to overclock.net
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