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Which graphics card should i get?

  • ATI X1800 XL

    Votes: 3 13.0%
  • nVidia 7800 GT

    Votes: 20 87.0%

new garaphics card

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Which one should i get, the ATI X1800 XL or the nVidia 7800 GT. One friend is strong ATI supporter and reccomended the X1800 XL and another one reccomended the 7800 GT. Pls help me.

I would get these cards.
ATI: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814142053
nVidia: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814130256

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The xl is not very good.
7800GT, i havent herd gr8 struff from Ati side of things.

They may have owned the FX vs 9*00 wars but this 2 generations that feel so simlar they havent done so well (imo)
For the price the 7800GT hands down...especially the eVGA GT CO, I have my card running up there with GTX's for a fraction of the cost...if you want a cheap GTX, OC a GT with some good cooling and you saved a bunch of money

Keep in mind you'll get artifiacts when you OC as high as I did, kind of pissed my room temp went up (a litle warm down here in the winter 80F/26.5C) and started getting mad artifacts in Tiger 06, runs great at these clocks when the temp is around 50-55F or lower outside...have to run stock until my WC case gets in since it got warm
I'm highly supporting the 7800 GT as well! I would certainly buy one myself except my motherboard doesn't support PCI-E =(.
Here are some reasons...
1) The 7800GT's are really cheap now! By searching through Newegg, it's around 300$ which is a nice bargain deal! I bought my X850 Pro for 230$ + ac cooling (40$) = around 280$!.(plus Tax =()
2) I'm favoring the performance as well. Im pretty sure that the 7800 outperforms the x1800Xl, not certainly sure though. But Nvidia has been beating Ati with it's shading capabilities and the future of gaming (UT2007) is indeed coming this way!

Hope this helps.
thanks for all the help guys. Im a little scrared that microsoft elected ATI to be the supported graphics card of vista.
Get the 7800GT, the X1800XL isnt clocked as high as it should to compete on truly equal ground with the 7800GT.

Originally Posted by bladeofdeath3

thanks for all the help guys. Im a little scrared that microsoft elected ATI to be the supported graphics card of vista.

That doesn't mean other cards won't run well on it. And if they do than microsoft is really that stupid.
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