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New Geil Ultra-X DDR550 and Stuttering my system.

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So I installed my new chips into slots 1 and 2 it wouldn't boot, I tried one and a time and it did work.

I tried them in slots 3 and 4 and they booted.
It booted into windows at the rated 275MHZ no problem with a HTT multi of 3 and CPU multi of 8.

When I run games on high res or 3DMark05 and 03 it stutters. Meaning it freezes for a split second then keeps going then freezes then keeps going.
I've checked temperatures with an infrared thermometer so that's okay.

Is it the voltage?
I have the voltage at normal, what should it be set to do you think?
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Also... you may want to set the timings and vdimm your self.

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For some reason when I overclocked my FSB or whatever it is for AMD from 200MHZ standard to 250MHZ overclocked it upped my PCIe frquency as well.
I set this back to normal and it stopped the stuttering.
I now have my PC running 250 x 9 for CPU 1:1 for the Ram.

Thanks for your help guys.
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