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New Hard Drive

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Hey guys!

So I'm in need of a new HDD for my rig (see sig) because my 1TB WD Black is now full. I'm thinking of getting a 3TB drive and maybe use my 1TB Black as a hot-swappable drive using the CP05 that came with my FT02...

I've basically narrowed my choices down to three different drives and I'd like your input on which would be the best to go with.
My options are:

  1. WD Black 3TB, $195 on Amazon. WD Black, what more is there to say? Only bummer is the price,at $200, it's the pricey-est of the bunch.
  2. HGST Deskstar NAS 3TB, $150 on Amazon. Pretty new drive, so it doesn't have that many reviews yet. Anyone have any experience with these drives? Looks quite promising, and I seem to remember that Hitachi's Deskstars were pretty reliable in the past.
  3. Seagate SV35 3TB, $135 on Amazon. I was recomended this drive on another forum, but I've heard so many bad reviews of Seagate desktop drives that I'm a bit apprehensive. On the other hand it's the cheapest of the lot, and I haven't had any problems with my Seagate external backup drive...

Any advice would be welcome!


Also, I know that many people say that WD Blacks are loud, but I've never heard much noise from my 1TB Black... But maybe that's just 'cause my XFX 7950 is so goddamn loud...
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Well i can only speak from experience and im using a seagate 3tb without issues. Some of the bad reviews may come from the head parking (which wd greens do as well). You just need to use crystaldiskinfo or quiethdd or another one i forget to disable APM.

Also people used to bash on OCZ vertex 2s how they were so terrible but ive been using mine for probably 3 years now and its still going strong.
Ive had a 3TB Seagate drive now for s few weeks use it for all my steam games and such so far no problems is a little loud but nothing major so far im pretty happy with the performance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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