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New HD, can't access Storage Disk

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Originally I had the OS installed on my previous WD160, now I have windows installed on my new 1TB.

The problem is with my storage drive.. which I now believe was formated under 'dynamic' mode. From what I've read so far; I cant access my storage drive with my newly installed windows.

The only way I can access the 400gig is by converting it to 'Basic' under computer management.. resulting in the loss of data within.

I put back the the older 160gb drive and it's the same problem...

This has got me all bummy because I can't access my drivers, pictures, music, etc...

Any help would be appreciated.. this feels like lossing your keys
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So with both hard drives installed, you can only see your OS drive and not your old one? If so, you might have to mount it in Computer Management->Disk Management.
Does the drive have a letter assigned to it in Disk Management? I'm not quite sure why volume type would mess up anything here. You might try shutting down, unplugging the storage drive, booting into windows, shut down, plug it back in, and let Windows redetect it and see what happens with that.
Hope this can make things more clear.



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I do believe I saw something somewhere that said Vista Home versions cannot access Dynamic disks. What version of vista?
I'm using 64 at the moment
Is it 64bit Ultimate, Home, Business?

This may be of some interest


So to do this all you need is Hiren's Boot CD and its containing tool Super Fdisk 1.0. When you enter to it, automatically finds the problem, select yes and it solves it. After you reboot and enter Vista, your disk is back with all your data. No convertion, no need for data recovery just with this FREE super tool.

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64bit Ultimate.

THanks for that, I'll give it a go
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Hiren's Boot CD has to be patched in desktop in order for the keyboard to function in boot.

problem is it cant be patched under 64bit vista

i'll have to patch it tomorrow.

Thanks for your help though.
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