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New HDD, Quick Question

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I need a new hard drive as my 320GB Maxtor is on its way out, the question is... i already have one WD 640GB Caviar Black, should i buy another for future RAID or should i just get a 1TB Samsung F3 as with SSD's out i'll probs get one of those in the near future

Your input is much appreciated

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definitely go for the WD 640GB black, lower fail rates and faster harddrive overall.

don't know what the prices are in the UK but in the states they have it on sale for $50 bucks.

Happy shopping
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If you care more about extra storage go with the 1TB.

If you want to backup you important data go with the extra 640 and run it in raid 1 (mirroring).
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Caviar blacks are very good in raid.
I say it is much more money friendly to RAID two of them. With similar performance.
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So you think i should get another black ? i thought the F3's were faster ???

Thanks for your advice so far guys... Rep+ all round
id go with the 640 in raid0, the performance will be way faster than a single F3. Also, it will give you a total more storage space than the F3 for less money.
i cannot do RAID on my mobo, i was thinking for the future...

I might just get the F3, i hear they're very fast and its got more storage than the Caviar black
Since MoBo does not support RAID get the larger if you like. Planning for the future with computers is next month so unless looking at new MoBo by then not much point in planning too far ahead. Get what is best for you now.
The card from Ebuyer is only SATA 1 (1.5BG/s) and all new modern drivers are SATA 2 (3GB/s).

Using the card for one drive you might not see much impact, but if you start to RAID it up you will soon be hitting the limit of the PC bus / Cards SATA 1

If space is an issue, then get the F3, they are a quick drive and very quiet too. As and when you choose to go RAID you can have a better MB that has onboard ICHr 9 for RAID 0.

Thats what i'd do
Im about to buy the 1TB F3, still not totally convinced i should get it over the Caviar Black
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