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New here, new build soon id love some advice

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hey there everyone i'm relatively new to OCN. So what I have right now is what you see below plus windows 7 64-bit. the GTS250 is to hold me over until I take the next few steps in my build, its a slow build... so I'm going to grab a PSU tomorrow and I'm thinking ULTRA 750w (my 400w OEM supply is not enough for my current GPU). Problem is it only has 2 6-pin connectors for GPUs and if I'm intending to use the GTS250 for physx and waiting on the new nvidia cards (hopefully Q1 2010 if I'm correct) then if the new cards needs something more I may be outta luck...

or I'm not takin the right approch on this build. Either way I've hit a patch on indecisiveness in this build and would appreciate a little guidance.
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Check out this psu- One of the best you can get and a great building block for ANY system and should last for years (7 year warranty) and can power 3 graphic cards no worries (or 2 gtx 295s)
Thanks guys, I went with th Ultra (pro series) PSU 750W. too good a deal to pass up. Tiger direct for less then 60 bucks can.
Hey and welcome to OCN!
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