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New Intel 64 bit technology question

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it says that you have to have bios that support em64t or it wont even run in 32 bit mode if this is true please can u send me a list of supported chipsets and/or motherboards

i was looking at the intel 630

if ur not 100% dont answer please
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Originally Posted by Lucid

actually it'll work in any mobo. say its a pentiumd 920 as i have, as long as the mobo is 775 itll run

Uhh, your Presler wont work in all 775 motherboards. I don't think the 6xx series is suppored by all s775 motherboards either (99% do with a bios flash)

Also, your EM64T processor is backwards compatible with 32 bit, though it wont run if your motherboard doesn't support EM64T (again 99% do)
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