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New Intel Q9400 build

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Ok...yes...ive just bought all this stuff right here. I intend to Watercool it in the future as well as Crossfire the gfx card.

But, tell me what i should have bought and what i maybe shouldnt have bought. Basically, im looking for you to tell me i made the correct decisions coz Total price was £1080 or $1508
(Please god tell me i made the correct decisions!)

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400
Radeon HD 4870 1GB gfx card
Coolermaster Cosmos RC-1000 case
Corsair TX 850w powersupply
1TB Hitachi Deskstar HDD
Coolermaster CPU cooler
Foxconn BlackOps Intel x48 chipset Mobo

I'm particularly proud of the Mobo...that thing is a beast. I hope it was worth the £212. And my best deal as far as money saving? Probably the Radeon HD4870 1GB...how can you go wrong with that?! Only £164!! ($229)
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Its a nice system man. I may have gone the i7 route for that much scratch but it will be a solid system for sure.
nice system dude

i wouldn't have bought it from OCUK, but meh.
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i wouldn't have bought it from OCUK, but meh.
You wouldnt have? Whys that? Ive always bought from OCUK... afaik theyre pretty reputable and have extremely fast delivery as well as great support. Just personal preference thing?

EDIT: I actually just cross-checked those prices on dabs.com

Dabs.com are slightly dearer on both the gfx card (even though they too are doing a special offer on it)...and the Intel Q9400. They also dont seem to stock the 1600mhz version of that RAM...their best 1333mhz versions are almost the same price as that 1600mhz stuff! So faster memory for only £4 extra...hrm..no-brainer maybe?
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it's a bad place. they price gouge many things, i have found - when i built my PC they were almost 50 quid more than scan / ebuyer / novatech. their delivery is expensive (it's cheaper for me to actually GO there) and their support is well frankly, really bad. i've heard many bad RMA issues with them and would never buy anything b-stock...

not to mention their forums are extremely heavily moderated. at one point they were selling cherry picked Q6600's guaranteed to do a certain speed. users on the forums complained and the thread got deleted. it's not the first time that's happened.

they seem like a bunch of crooks to me. i swear by scan / novatech / ebuyer though. rma'd HDD's to both scan and novatech and both companies had them back to me really quickly, and never gave me any hassles.
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