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New ISP.. (help)

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Okay, so my 1 year contract with bell reseller Acanac is expiring soon and I am unsatisfied with their service. After constant disconnects and a maximum available speed of 5mbps I have decided that despite the caps to return to either Bell or Rogers.

Rogers (cant find link):
60gb Cap


DSL/Fiber Optic
100gb Cap

o yea, I am currently using DSL so the switch to another dsl based provider would of course be easier.
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Ive heard people complain about torrent throttling, and not getting the proper speed. Any Comments?
the throtling probably happens, but I don't torrent so...

as for the speed, it depends where you live, and the location of their nearest, uh, server(?)...I'm on a 7Mbps line, but top out just over 6Mbps...

I called them a few years ago about their highest speed plan, but they told me I was too far away to get that speed
there is some sort of bell building a few blocks from me....

[goes checks google maps]
I would go with bell, simply because of the cap. And there is nothing to stop you from switching again if bell is unbearable.

Thank god my ISP doesnt cap my capacity.
my old/current ISP doesnt cap, but its too slow and it constantly disconnects besides I think the caps are reasonable. I dont think I will download over 100gb in a month.
I'm still uncapped and I'm with Bell

knock on wood and all that
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I'm glad that 99% of internet service in the US is not capped. Between the 2 I would go with the DSL/FiOp since you do live close to one of their buildings. As far as torrent "throttling" just DL peerguardian and the block lsits and call it good.
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