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new kuma 7750 wont pass prime95 a concern?

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Just like the subject says. I recently got a kuma 7750 and am running it at stock speeds. it seems to run fine, but when i run prime 95 with the middle test, one core fails out after about 20 minutes. I ran the top test (fpu intense test) and it went as far as 50 minutes with no fail. My question is, how important is this? should i send the cpu back and exchange it? here are my specs below

P.S. could a possibly weak PSU cause a problem like this? the 12v rail seems to be changing from 11.85 to 12.35.

EDIT: Should i be more concerned about real world testing (Games, 3d mark 06 runs) instead of apps like prime 95?

Antec TP II 550 PSU

Asus M4A78-E

AMD Kuma 7750 2.7

4 gigs G Skill DDR2 1066.

BFG 7800GT

Soundblaster XtremeMusic
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What do you mean by middle test? Large FFTs?
You should not be unstable at stock at any rate.
Sounds like your 12v rail is not that stable, what is the voltage on your cpu?
P.s. i wouldn't consider 3dmark a real world test
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your 12 v rail isnt real stable but I wouldnt expect any problems with it but you never know try changing the supply and see if that helps.
cpu voltage is 1.325 and ram voltage at 2.1. the ram is g skill running at 5-5-5-15 at 1066. maybe the ram is causing the error? what are some other test to ensure im not having issues?

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Very Good CPU, very well in overclock

lol wut?
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