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new mobo\cpu

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To all the crew with the DFI LP SLI D and a 144 opty or if you might know, which bios version would be the best to use for this little set up. I havent put it together as yet, too busy working
does this mobo have the issues that the Expert had with the vcore voltages.
This is my first nf4 and pcie board and am looking forward to giving the baby 144 an absolute hiding. I just dont want to have it dead because of a vcore problem which could be apparent. It took me 6 months to get the 144 as they are getting pretty hard to get in Australia now. cheers
The Duke what are you running???
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No issues with the voltage.
I'm still on the 623-3 BIOS... but I've not touched the system in a while... it's apart as I'm construction a new case... modding an old server case to my needs. The 623-3 works best with TCCx and Micron. 623-2 for other memory... once I get through working the case and some more seroius OCing I'll try the new BIOS version.
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Thats cleareed that up then cheers mate
Gees I havent even got a case, forgot about that one...........lol
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LOL... so to speak neither do I, yet

But I'm going to bench build it in a week... untill the case gets done.
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more money, gees I need ram too and a PSU and a vid card. This is never ending, I dont even think I got my moneys worth out of the current rig yet, oh well it will be a good folder and spare gaming rig for the next lan party
I could rent it to somebody
hey what a good idea, rent rigs at lan events to crew that have no good gaming rigs.
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