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New monitor?! what to get?

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or should i get this


or should i get this?


please pick one of the three, no other recommendations please as im ordering from this website and have £165 budget.
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The Asus and the Samsung have similar specs, but if both are in your budget then I would get the Samsung monitor.

Granted I do not have any experience with the Asus monitors, but I do have several Samsung monitors and a TV... they ROCK!

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Yea i would go for the second, better resolution, better price, asus is a god brand aswell, samsung would be my second choice.
im starting to swing towards the samsung, i'm not really sure why though, im also looking at reputation and build quality. i have also come across another monitor, very similar to the samsung, £1 cheaper and a 1920x1080 resolution.

i only have a 8800gs at the moment but will be upgrading to a gtx260 216scc soon. even though it has a 1920x1080 resolution, can i just play at 1680x1050 because my graphics card will struggle.

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