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New monitor

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Hi, I'm new to the PC. I was just wondering if this is a good monitor for it's price, I'm getting it for christmas.

Also I wanted to know if there's any better monitors then this one http://accessories.euro.dell.com/sna...dt1&sku=324819
I am planning on getting this one at the moment. Just thought I'd ask if there's any better ones.

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How much are you willing to spend?

Would you prefer it to have a TV tuner built in?
I'm using a monitor that has a TV tuner in it, and was planning to use the on I have at the moment as a TV and then have a monitor, and I'm think around £200. The Dell monitor is £205 with P&P.
Still got this as my main one, unless anyone can find better and around the same price. Not too bothered on size. Probably at least 22".
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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