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New Motherboard for 3500+

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I’m looking to upgrade the motherboard on my PC. Currently I have an AGP video card but am not tied to that as a requirement (PCIe looks to be the way to go for the future). My current processor is an Athalon 64 3500+, in the future I want to upgrade to an X2 (don’t know which yet, decide when I get to that point) so it needs to work with both processors. Currently I am thinking of a Biostar NF4SLi-A9, any recommendations for something that is better or will give me more features for overclocking?

Thanks for the help in advance.
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I have been looking around on the forum and noticed that many times it is stated that the dual cores don't help with gaming. if that is the case should i look at jsut staying with the athalon 64 and athalon 64 fx series as that would give me more options for boards. Any one know if this is true or not?

I'v also noticed that DFI and Asus are the normal recomendations for motherboard. Any recomendations on these?

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