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New motherboard needed

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My 680i took a crap, so I'm in the market for a new board. I'm kind of torn between picking up the UD3R or an Asus P5N and SLI two GTX 275s. I use a 23" monitor, so basically what it comes down to is would I greatly benefit from running sli?
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1920x1080 is big enough that you would benefit from going SLI. It also depends on the game. There is not a difference between 100fps and 200fps. SLI would only benefit demanding games like crysis and such. If you're playing crysis wars, go for it. If you're playing WoW, save the money on the second card and buy a hooker instead.
Look at your local craigslist you might find someone selling the same board for a cheap price.
I do actually play WoW, but I notice I drop down to 25-30 frames per second in certain areas, I've also started playing Aion and have noticed a slight drop. As long as I can still hit ~3.7ghz with an SLI board I would be happy.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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