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So I really wasn't going to get a new mouse, but after seeing a review of the Mionix Naos 5000, I am thinking I might. I currently have a Logitech G700 that I think is great, I have used Logitech G5's and they were great as well, I had a G500 and wasn't quite a fond of it. I can't stand the original razer mouse shape. I know its a minor thing, but I really like the customizable lights, my Sager 9170 will have the ability to do different colors and it would be cool if the mouse matched. I want to start using the G700 with my laptop I take to work(tired of my tiny mouse). As to the Mouse pad I don't care the material I don't think, but it must have a good amount of friction, I don't like pads that are like skating on ice.


Mouse Qualities:

Cord/cordless doesn't matter
Customizable lights or a unique color(read not blue)
Games I play: Borderlands 2, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Torchlight 2
Quality is a must
Love the G700 shape
I like weights/heavier mouse
I do have big hands.....

Mouse Pad Qualities:

Must work well with above mouse(lol)
Must have friction, not a super slick pad
Well made
Would be nice if it was possible to clean in some way
Should be black ideally(logo's or graphics really don't matter as long as they aren't completely lame)

Budget is probably $100 total(but I realize that Mionix is $73 on amazon, so that leaves $27 I could go a bit higher if its just unreal in difference, I really do want something that will last a long time). Used/refurb/open box is ok as well, so please post any great deals on the items.

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I would recommend a roccat savu, you can adjust the led light at the bottom of the mouse.
Or you can set it that it changes colour over time.

Its a very good mouse tracking wise it has no accelleration because it uses an optical sensor the avago 3090.
Tracking wise its one of the best mouse you can get right know.
Only con is the sidegrip of the mouse wear out quite easliy is not a big problem only youre mouse will look used very quickly.

Another mouse I could recommend is the Razer Deathadder 2013.

Here are some links for reviews,

Roccat Savu review,


Deathadder 2013 review,


For a mousepad just get a cloth pad, like the qck from steelseries you have them in all kind of sizes and heights.
Or you could get the razer goliathus, but is has a rather large green logo on it mabay it could be nice if you would get the razer deathadder 2013.

Most people like cloth btw because it isnt that cold its a bit harder to clean but still very possible.
With water and shampoo, most people just will use a little shampoo and water.

If you spill more often or you like the glidness of a hardpad better a Steelseries 4hd or 9hd could be good or the Razer destructor 1 or 2.

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The Roccat Savu is going interesting, although lots of complaints out there about being small, I find that my pinky is dragging on my G700. Some of the reviews of the Mionix Naos 5000, aren't that great either.

I am not a fan of the shape of that razer.

I rarely spill, but its always a possibility with 4 kids all under the age of 7. I have a ratpadz pad, and hate it, its like trying to use the mouse on ice(slick wise not temp). I have looked at the razer goliathus, and it is impressive, I just want to make sure whatever mouse I get pairs well with it.

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I just bought the Sharkoon Darkglider Mouse pad and is about the same size as my smaller Razer Goliathus. It's pretty smooth and so far all of my mice glide better on it than the Goliathus. One of the complaints seem to be fraying after heavy usage so I'll be keeping an eye on that but so far it's pretty decent for $15 gaming "nano coated" mat... So that's an option to keep in mind if you're looking for a cloth mouse pad.

From what I've seen the Roccat Savu is bigger than the CM Storm Spawn and a bit smaller than the Deathadder but has a bump for pinky resting or something.

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So I went with the Mionix Naos 5000, and I couldn't be happier, love this thing. In my mind the G500 is a 6/10, the G5 was a 7/10, the G700 was a 9/10, this Mionix is a 9.5/10. I ended up going with the Steelseries Qck+ large, it doesn't impress, its stupidly large, and flimsy feeling. I don't know but it doesn't fit me, so I have a friend who has a Razer Goliathus, so I am going to try it out.
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