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After encountering multiple issues with stability during my previous overclock I decided to revert it and wait a little bit while I made some adjustments, some of those being in cooling, BIOS settings, etc. At the moment I am running at 3.9Ghz at what appears to be stable, however I'll leave that to some of your opinions to decide if it can be considered stable or not yet. System information can be found in my signature under "First Born".

Stress Test Results:

7 Hours of P95 - Blend:

10 Runs IBT @ Maximum Stress:

Quick Large FFT Test P95:

Aside from using stress test programs, I was able to successfully play an hour or two of DayZ without any issues.

I'm planning on doing more testing with P95 and IBT overnight, however does it seem pretty stable so far? Once I get the CPU frequency to a point where it is without a doubt stable I plan to move on to overclocking the NB and HT speeds.


Putting the computer to a sleeping state and waking it from a sleeping state doesn't seem to cause any crashes or problems so far.
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