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New Opty 165 not stable at stock speeds

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Help. I just got a new Opty 165 from new egg and installed it this evening. After installing it (using included heat sink and included thermal interface material), I began testing it with Orthos (Prime95). Kept getting the following error message:

FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.4737776499, expected less than 0.4
Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.
Torture Test ran 3 minutes 40 seconds - 1 errors, 0 warnings.
Execution halted.

Sometimes the test would run for a few minutes, and sometimes the test would run for an hour or so, but in each instance, the result would be the same. Each time, it was Core 0 that was reporting the error. Core 1 has yet to fail on Orthos.

This processor is a replacement for another new opty 165 that was having similar problems, but in that instance, Core 1 was failing, while Core 0 was not reporting any problems.

Does this mean that my opty is bad and needs to be returned and exchanged (again) or am I doing something wrong, or is there something else that I should look at before I do another RMA?
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Do you know for a fact that every other component in your PC is working properly? If you do then it most likely just another bad CPU and you are going to have to RMA it.
The DFI LanParty UT nF4 SLI-DR has been replaced due to faulty power regulation circuitry. The new board seems to be working fine.

The 7300GS appears to be working fine, but it too is a new part.

The Corsair Twinx 1024-3200XLPT ram has been used in a prior build for 2.5 years.

Test HD, IBM Deskstar 30gb drive has been in use for almost 6 years.

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 EPS12V is also a new component, but I doubt it could be a contributing factor....

[I have re-installed the operating system twice, just to make sure that it is not the OS]

Any ideas?
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Have you flashed the bios on the DFI board? If not try that, as the Opteron is not "officially" supported by your board. Sure does seem rather odd though, are your sure your cpu is receiving the correct amount of voltage? Try upping and it see if that manages to stabilize the CPU, if so, you can probably say for sure that its the CPU... or the mobo is undervolting...
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tubnotub1 is right, if your BIOS is out of date it would not set the voltage right and that would cause the errors like that. Set it to 1.4v and run those tests again.
Run memtest on those sticks overnight. Rounding error for me normally points at ram.

CPU-Z reports CPU voltage as 1.312. What should the voltage be?
The Bios is 04/06/2006, the latest on DFI Website....

Originally Posted by nobhillguysf2 View Post
CPU-Z reports CPU voltage as 1.312. What should the voltage be?
I believe stock voltage is 1.35
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says 1.29 for me, lol. But update the bios anyway
The newegg specs have the stock voltage as 1.3 - 1.35, try giving 1.35 volts a shot.

Dual-Core AMD Opteronâ„¢ Details
CPU ID Dual-Core AMD Opteronâ„¢ Processor Model 165
Model 165
Ordering Parts Number (OPN) OSA165DAA6CD
Stepping E6
Frequency 1.8GHz
HyperTransportâ„¢ Technology Speed 1000MHz
Integrated Memory Controller 1.8GHz
Core Voltage 1.3 V/1.35 V
Case Temperature 49° C to 65° C
Wattage 110.0W
L2 Cache Size 2 MB
L2 Cache Speed 1.8GHz
Manf. Technology .09 micron SOI
Socket Socket 939
Amperage 80 A
Cores 2

The official voltage is 1.3 to 1.35....
Should I still raise the voltage?

or should I flash the bios (even though the version I have is the same as is on the DFI Website)??
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Try raising the voltage, that will almost undoubtedly fix the problem.

If you used winwhatever, yes use a floppy and make sure the bios is all there, if it's corrupted (that program stopped at 38% when i used it, BIOS chips are hard to come by.) it might set things wrong, hence, instability.

I'm bettering it's something simple like that.

Originally Posted by tubnotub1 View Post
The newegg specs have the stock voltage as 1.3 - 1.35, try giving 1.35 volts a shot.
thats usually the problem. My ram is supposed to be 2.6 - 2.75 but it won't even work until you put 2.75 in it. Max reccomended is usually best for any comp' part (if you can cool it)
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BIOS can't detect ram voltages, make sure you set them right or higher then spec'
I have no idea what my ram voltage is supposed to be.... I guess I could check corsair and find out...

Which would you do first, or rather, in what order would you do the following

Adjust CPU voltage upward
Adjust Ram Voltage (assuming it is not already correct)
Flash Bios

Btw, thanks for the help so far....
just do the first two first

1.4v on the CPU ( I can hit 2.8+ with 1.4v so stock speeds should be a breeze)
and 2.8v on your ram.
I had a very similar problem and it was down to a currupted bios settings. I cleared the cmos left it to clear for 5mins and it sorted the problem out.
Hope it helps
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Kaks: Clearing the CMOS made my Opty stable for 3 or so hours rather than 3mins to an hour.

Technotub1, Paradox & Reberto: Upping my vCore voltage in the bios to 1.34 and setting the memory voltage manually to 2.75 finished the job. Opty is now prime stable for 9+ hours.

Thanks a million guys!
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