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New PC need help overclocking E7200

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Ok well I just bought a really great pc from a friend of mine for $250, (deal of the century). The stats are listed below, but I have never had to overclock a machine before and need some expert help. I kinda have a basic idea of getting to the bios and changing the settings a bit, but when I tried to overclock my cpu and restart, the pc would not display an image and the power light was off, so I took out my motherboard battery and reset the cmos and the pc is up and running again.

I need someone who can dumb it down for me and help me make this machine the beast it is. Also the machine is water cooled and the ram has its own cooler on it as well, I would like to overclock everything if possible, the ram, video card, and most importantly the processor if possible. For now the processor reads at 2.4ghz but I know it can push a lot more. Any help would be appreciated and i dont mean to sound dumb but ive tried to research it and dont really understand it.

INTEL E7200 Dual Core Processor
4GB of overclockable crosshair ram at 1066Mhz
Geforce EVGA 8800gt Graphics Card with 512MB
Nforce 680i Motherboard with triple SLI.
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set it to 9x400 with any voltage below 1.3
9.5x400 that is. Try setting vcore to 1.30v and see if its stable, the combination I mentioned is going to give you 3.8Ghz, most E7200s do this speed at 1.27v ~ 1.35v on air cooling. There is no need to stay below 1.30v, the recommended limit is 1.3625v and absolute max is 1.45v, if his turns out to need 1.34v that is perfectly safe.

Since you are on an nVidia board set your FSB to 1600, as they use the quad pumped FSB values. Set all other volts to "Normal" or their LOWEST manual setting which is stock, never leave them on "AUTO". Set RAM timings to stock and set the divider to "1:1", "+2.00" or "DDR2 800", whatever wording your board uses.
thanks for the quick response, well I tried both methods and the same thing keeps happening, every time I change the settings like u suggested, when I start up the pc everyhting seems to be powering on but no display and the power light doesnt come on. I have to take out the battery every time and reset the cmos. I must be doing something wrong.

Ive tried many different voltages and settings but every time same thing. Does someone have a video of how to overclcok just to make sure Im selecting the right options, "couldnt find any duel core instructions on youtube). Any help is greatly appreciated.
Congrats on your super find! Thats a great system setup, I used to run almost the same thing. Now, you are getting the machine to post, which is great, so first off start by making sure that your ram voltage and timings are correct. After that I would sugguest reading this:


Im sure that reading it all will help you understand more of what your getting into. If not PM me and I would be glad to help you out in any way I can.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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