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New Phone / Need Help

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I'm with a company called Qlink. I got a free 3G phone around 6 years ago. They just sent me an "updated" phone...4G ZTE Quest 5 Model Z3351S.
Its not too bad, but I have about 25 Apps on the phone. Half I don't need. I cannot remove them. All they have is a "force stop" and "disable" button. Company says they are pre-installed and I can't remove them. Its supposed to be my phone, so I would like the Apps on here that I need. I don't need 4 News Apps and an App that says Coming soon.

I found this...https://wethegeek.com/7-best-app-uninstallers-for-android/

Does anyone know if anything actually works and is safe?
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It's been a while, but Awsan is right. I do however recall finding instances where removing certain apps manually like this caused issues with other apps not to work (shared services)

If those apps don't take a lot of storage space up, disabling would be best route. At this point they're only taking up space and not running in background.
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