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New Q9550

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I was wondering if anyone had the same set up as me, if so can you assist me in overclocking.

I will reward you with some rep =]
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Not the same motherboard, but the same processor. Mine does 3.83GHz stable on this nvidia chipset which is not very good at overclocking quads. I only need 1.32v to do this, so you shouldn't need more. Messing with GTLREF lanes is helpful. Hope that helps.
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Thank you for the advice and for keeping my thread alive.
Im assuming you read guides so you have everything down?

Try 1.3 vcore
MCH (nb voltage for DFI correct?) 1.4
set ram timings
put ram 1:1
ram voltage at 2.0
go for 3.4ghz first
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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