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new ram

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I'm looking to get some new mem to maximize my overclock. what ddr500 or ddr550 will get me the highest overclock? my mushkin will go to 268, but anything over that i get errors on memtest 1.65. set at 1t 3-4-4-8. when i up the timings, lower ht, adjust voltage, or the multiplier it still will not go over 268. can u guys help me on this? thx
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ddr-500 = 250mhz
ddr-550 = 275mhz

Now when you put them in your mobo, they will be at 200mhz. Just set them to their rated speed and off you go! Depending on the brand, you can go higher
i know that already, i need to know what manufacturer's mem will oc the best with my system. i want at least 2.8. i'm stuck on 2.681 at the moment.
The company doesn't matter as much as the chips they use.

go here and look for some good chips. You'll have to do some research on what chips are best though.
Considering whats available, not much hig end stuff, your actually do rather well. Simply use the least divider possible and rock on with the 2G you have.
If you put up the exact model # of the RAM I could do a bit of digging for some Genie settings for you so that you might squeeze a bit more out of it.
cool duke, i'll get u the info u need.
Try getting some G.Skill ddr500 HZ's, they've been known to do over 550mhz. Theres not alot of 2gb kits that go that fast. If you really want something that will overclock get something with TCCD chips (low voltage very good overclockers 2.7v-2.9v any more will kill them)~ they only come in 2x512mb that I know of but you can still find them rated up to ddr600.

ddr600 TCCD's 2.5-4-4-8
That memory is very good but not real flexable beyond the default timings. It's known to do mid to high 260s range @ 2.9v w/3-4-4-8 timings. So depending on your CPU's bus speed it should run 1:1 up to 260ish, beyond that a divider will be needed.
appreciate that!
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