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New Rig - Computer starting automatically when plugged in

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I am in the process of building some new budget computers (4 of them) and I am testing with the first one of them. When I first plugged it in it was not starting on its own when PSU switch is flipped on, but now it does. Basically the computer is starting when plugged in or when switch is flipped.

I didn't do anything out of the ordinary other than move a jumper and remove the motherboard battery.

Any reason this would happen? I read a post on this forum saying the cause is most likely a bad PSU but I dont think that is what's causing this. Anything I can check for?
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Ok so I just removed everything from the case and left motherboard plugged in to 24 pin and the 4 pin and it is doing the same thing - starting up when plugged in. I even removed the case switch jumpers

Here is a picture

What does this indicate? Bad mobo or psu?
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bios setting. was it set to turn machine back on after power failure?
In addition to a BIOS setting, another thing that can do that is a very low CMOS battery.
I had the same issue, changed the motherboard and everything is fine now.
In my case, it was the motherboard.
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