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*edit*Stupit me... please move the thread to the intel section, thanks.

If this is not the right place for this I apologise, I think it fits since it's an Intel build (and I have no idea that this log section is about).

I also apologise for creating yet another „first time" build, I read some of the others but while doing my homework I understood that there aren't any no-brainers and hardly any right/wrong decisions , that every piece has to fit, play nice with the others and suit its owners needs.

The target:
-Prevent me from murdering my current PC(see sig) for its slowness.
-Gaming: BF:BC2 (later BF3), SCII, LOL, Amnesia (go, play it!)
-Every day use: Firefox (with 20+tabs and addons), Thunderbird, Multisim, LabView, Rhino3D
-Making my friends envy (not a must, but always nice)
-Not costing me more that 1,2k€ (~1,7$)

The environment:
-In the Alps with temperatures from 16 to 27+°C (60-80+°F)
-Hooked to a 23' 1920x1080 screen (maybe a second one in the distant future)
-Running Win7, Ubuntu, #! (all x64)

The parts:
(prices in $ are not exact due to exchange rate fluctuation while prices in € are high because of living in Europe and having 20% tax)

  • Case:
    Cooler Master HAF X RC-942-KKN1
    174,85€ (251,8$)
    It has USB3, I like the look of it, it provides enough space for everything and I want a full tower.
    Should I replace the default fans? I heard that they are not that good.
  • Mainboard:
    ASUS P8P67 Deluxe Rev 3.0, P67 (B3) (dual PC3-10667U DDR3)
    199,9€ (287.88$)
  • CPU:
    Intel Core i5 2500K PC1155 6MB Cache 3,3GHz retail
    180,5€ (259.94$)
    I thought about the 2600, but read that HT ain't the best for gaming and I'm not willing to spend 70€ for a feature I won't be using much.
  • GPU
    309,4€ (445.57$)
  • Cooling:
    Cool Masters 212+
    24.99€ (36.22$)
  • Storage:
    OCZ Vertex 2 120GB, 3.5", SATA II
    187.90€ (272.32$)

    Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB, SATA 6Gb/s
    46,9€ (67.97$)
  • RAM:
    Corsair Vengeance DIMM Kit 4GB PC3-12800U CL9-9-9-24
    45€ (65.22$)
    2*2Gb, CAS 9, 1600MHz
  • PSU:
    Corsair GS 800W ATX 2.3
    93,9€ (135.22$)
    This tool calculated a need of 656W (non-sli)
    To be honest, I don't know much about PSUs, I just picked one of the recommended list.
  • Optical Drive:
    NEC OPTIARC AD-7240S 24x8x16xDVD+RW 24x6xDVD-RW 12xDVD+/-R
    18,5€ (26.64$)
    Not much to say there, it's cheap and I think it'll do the job.
Sum: 1276.92€ (1850.64$)

As you can see, I'm a little bit over my budged, so if you suggest parts that are more expensive I'll only be able to consider them if I can find a different place to cut the costs.

Did I accomplish what I have in mind? Do you have any criticism, see bad emphasis, place for improvement and savings? Is there anything new coming soon I should totally wait for?

Thank you very much to every one of this board, I love it here (though my wallet doesn't) and I learned a lot while doing the research for this build.(5 month now...) Thanks also to everyone who read all this, especially those who decide to help me, I greatly appreciate it!

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First - this is an intel build and shouldn't be in the AMD section
Second, if youre looking to cut some stuff down, go down to 4GB, I don't think you will use more than that for the most part, Games don't use 4GB of memory. Next, consider a less expensive heatsink, something like a CM 212+ will do you fine and be 1/2 the price or less than half. Last I would go for something like a 480 rather than a 570, it has more memory, and overclocks better.
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Wow, and I just wondered about the huge amount of people posting in the wrong section...guess I'm the ghost driver. Admins, please move this.

About the cooler: I would be able to get the 212+ for 40€ (shipping fee's a joy killer), but I guess you are right that the upgrade is not worth the cost.

Somehow I was not aware of the existence of the 480, thanks for the hint, but the opinions on which card is better vary and the 480 is 50€ more expensive. I'll have to look into it, but as of now the 480 looks more appealing.

Thanks a lot appleg

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You don't really need more than 1GB of memory for 1080P and the GTX 570 edges out the GTX 480 at stock settings in most games and uses a lot less power and isn't as loud.

I have a GTX 470 and it doesn't run extremely hot but the fan speeds needs to be set at 70% while gaming and it gets very loud at 70%+.

I would suggest a 6970 if your looking for a little more power but it will also be louder.


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Get at least a 120GB SSD. Win 7 will end up being close to 30GB before you have anything good on it, and you'll want space for games so you can take advantage of the load speeds. I would not want anything smaller than a 120, too much hassle and if you have to move apps/games to a mechanical drive than there isn't much point to having it.

I'm pretty happy about the GTX570, plenty of power for 1080p.

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A 120Gb SSD is about 200€.
If I' buy 4Gb RAM instead of 8, I'd save ~20-30€; a cheeper heatsink would save me 40; the price of the SSD in the original setup is 90, that sums up to 160, so only 40€ missing for double the SSD space.
Thanks a lot, sounds like a good deal, I will update the OP when I come home and had time to search for parts.

One question, is a 2*2 or a 4*1 set up better with a dual channel mobo?
(And why the hell is a boxed CPU cheaper than a tray without cooler?)

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Originally Posted by 2thAche;13097186
Get a 100 or 90 then. I'm telling you, you're going to hate trying to work out of 40GB.
Surprisingly wouldn't change the price, but as I stated in my previous post, I agree with your opinion and are currently looking for a good model.

The OCZ Vertex 2 is looking good 120Gb for 200€ and for RAM Corsair Vengeance DIMM Kit 4GB PC3-12800U CL9-9-9-24 for 46€.

Are those good choices?

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Originally Posted by Arkonos;13098709
Surprisingly wouldn't change the price, but as I stated in my previous post, I agree with your opinion and are currently looking for a good model.

The OCZ Vertex 2 is looking good 120Gb for 200€ and for RAM Corsair Vengeance DIMM Kit 4GB PC3-12800U CL9-9-9-24 for 46€.

Are those good choices?
Just used a 120GB Vertex 2 on a build. It's outstanding.

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Why are your RAM frequencies only at 1066? 1600 is the way to go.

Also for RAM, unless you actually know you need the 8GB, then you don't need 8GB. Plain and simple.

And that is way too much money for a Caviar Black. Price check what a Spinpoint F3 would be, since it's about $40-$50 cheaper on NewEgg than that Black you listed.

And Vertex's are amazing drives. Like Ache said, a 120 Vertex 2 would do you quite well.

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List updated!

This Caviar Black comes from a time when I did not intend to build in a SSD, so I looked for faster drives. I totaly forgot to change this, thanks for bringing it up. The new one has a high Space/Money ratio while being not to slow.
The new RAM is listet at CAS9, 1600MHz.

You guys and gals are so great, the rig is now way better than my original line-up and even slightly less costy, thank you very much.

Edit: Everything except the PSU has been delivered and assembled.
Thanks once again, reps have been given
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