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Hey guys, i have been picking out some parts for my new rig witch will be a sandybridge 2600k i7 with crossfireX 6950's, but i have an old computer now and i would like to put about 200 dollars into that so i can have a second gaming rig so friends can join in with the fun of gaming. so i have some old parts and i want to use them to the fullest, ive got an AGP HD 4650 graphics card, 2 GB of DDR 400 RAM 3 old IDE hard Drives and old IDE DVD-RW and a coolermaster elite 460w powersupply, i was wondering if this powersupply would handle what i will throw at it, im thinking of putting a used ASRock 4coreDual-Vsta MOBO, a Intel Q6600 and a Coolermaster CPU cooler. Im getting the older Mobo because it supports a q6600 and an agp card and the ram im using so i think im all good there. i am just wondering if my powersupply will handle that q6600 or if i should throw in maybe a e6320 to lower power consumption.

Thanks for the help guys
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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