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New rig problem

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So I finished hooking up my new rig (see sig) today, and it has been going great. I decided to start overclocking, and have now run into a problem, although I'm not sure it's related. I went into my bios and just set my Vcore to 1.200, Vtt to 1.25, and Vdimm to 1.65, set the ram to 1600mhz (manufacturer specified) and set the multiplier to 21. I then went to restart, and when I did, the computer powers up just as usual, but the monitor gets nothing. I don't get a bsod, post, or even a no signal detected, just nothing. Also, after the first time, whenever I try to power on, it will stay on for 5 seconds, turn off, and then turn back on a few seconds later and stay on. I have ensured everything is connected correctly to the monitor, even tried different cables. I checked all the gpu connections, and it is good, even powers up and the fan spins. I am not getting any post error messages from my board, so I really have no idea what to do. The reason I think this may not be OC related is that it happened earlier today as well. It was right before I had to go to work though, and when I got home it was working just fine. So please guys, any help is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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And now I feel like an idiot, haha. Thanks.
That guide was what I was using. I was on this step "Begin by going into the bios and changing your voltage to your vid "

My voltage that I got was 1.2, so that's what I used, but you say that's too low?
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