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I'm building myself a nice shiny new computer, currently looking at the following hardware:

AMD XP 64 4200+ (939)
1Gb PC3200
MSI K8N NF4 ultra chipset
Nvidia 7900GTO
and this case which i think is flippin' sexy:

only thing i don't know much about is PSU's, now bearing in mind i wanna spend as little as possible what should I look for in a PSU for this?
I'm probably going to OC the PSU, but not ram or Gcard yet since i'm a complete OCing noob.

any comments on the hardware i've chosen would be welcome too

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Well in a PSU you need to look at the +12v Rails. This is what mainly runs your system in a PSU. You will want good stable ones of course for a stable system. a 12v Rail with atleast 35-40 amps is good. Even better would be to get a psu with Dual 12v rails or more also a good wattage is wanted. I would advise in the region of 600Watt for future endeavours
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