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Looks like it will depend on how you set it up.

Whenever i set up a router, i disable WPS first thing, because I have noticed networks staying much more stable.

Looks like it has gigabit ethernet, gigabit wireless, cool vpn features (you probably wont use them).

looks like a good router, will definately notice a difference if you are transferring data over your network. for your old one you could probably put ddwrt or tomato on it and set it up as a repeater where you don't get much signal in your house, or set it up as a bridge (connected to your wireless and forwarding through ethernet.

Just set it up securely, change the admin logon password, disable WPS, set WPA2 encryption on your wireless, and post back if you have any connection issues. lots of people here will help
1 - 2 of 2 Posts