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Hey guys. Just wanted to let those of you that still play Rust know that there are some newer servers that I am Moderator on up and running!

2 new servers looking for players!

To start this off there's an official discord for the servers (https://discord.gg/w6MBfYS) Feel free to join us if you have any questions!

We are a friendly group of individuals trying to make a friendly Rust environment. When it comes to both servers we typically try to keep a single rule. That rule is to not be a jerk. That spans from being overly salty that you were raided or despawning crap in someone base because you don't want it. But we try our best to keep the peace. There really hasn't been much peace to keep since we can't get new players by just waiting for them to show <3

1. We have a 5x modded server with a weekly wipe. Oil Rig Events that give plenty of scrap and components along with a locked crate. Night was decreased to 6 minutes. 100x Smelt with 5:1 burn. TP/Home and FindMyCorpse! Remove Tool, Enhanced Hammer, and instant craft. On top of these we also have clans, friends, auto-auth, and trading :D (connect

2. We also have a 2x modded server that we tried to keep vanilla as much as possible. The loot tables are a little screwed at the moment and they need some tweaking, but we are a new server looking for fun players. This server also has increased stacking to 5,000 for materials. (connect

Both servers will wipe on Thursdays. Map wipes only. BP Wipes are once a month on the first thursdays(aka Facepunch Update Days)

Feel free to come join us and hang around, we'd love to see some new friendly faces. We're all pretty chill.
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