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I set up my 840 yesterday and ran the benchmark with magician and seems like my read speeds are very low

Seq read: 285
Seq Write: 200
Ran Read:6283
Ran Write: 15862

I am on the latest firmware through magician

I ran the optimaztion tool through magician

It is set up as achi, in a sata 3 port, with all the windows tweaks done to it (no paging, indexing, lowered recycling bin, all of them tat you find on google)

Are these speeds normal? thought it was advertised at like 530/540 read times?

I have a WD 7500rpm sata 2 hdd as my data drive, SSD is primary OS and main apps drive

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If you're on a SATA 3Gb/s port, you're limited to 285 Mb/s read 275 Mb/s write

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What mobo you have? Those are SATA 3Gb/s speeds.
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