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new sapphire 1950pro freezes

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i just bought the above mentioned gpu and it likes to freeze.... when i tried to play company of heroes i cracked all the settings on max and ran that test video, both my monitors in a dual view went blank as if there was no signal.. so i restarted and lowered the settings and it worked, so i slowly turned them up and it did the same thing, froze and no signal, prior to that i watched a dvd movie and it did the same thing.... ive had it for 2 days but never really got a chance to test it till now. any ideas ?

not even my old 7300gt froze like that under any circumstance, even when i cranked a game beyond its detail capacity for the card it still ran... slow and choppy mind you but never froze
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hmm, i wish you had Vista or a cheap power supply, because that would make it easy to diagnose
. try Driver Cleaner Pro and download the Catalyst 7.6 drivers and see if that helps.
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oh yeah i forgot to mention i just reformatted cus i had the same problem when i installed it on my system before a fresh install of xp!! i do also wish my psu was the problem... lol
good power supply, good ventilation, clean drivers... the only thing i can think of beyond that would be a defective card. doesn't happen very often, but it does happen. i've never messed with a TV Wonder card, but i'm sure you got the right drivers for it. i'm stumped. sorry, mang.
i just returned the sapphire 1950pro for the asus 1950pro for 20 dollars more... i hope i dont run into the same problem... im just installing drivers now then im goign to test it again in an hour or 2 after i reisntall everything due to reformatting for the 3rd time... grrr
My x300 did that when it overheated. The 1950 might have been overheating.
AGP or PCI-E version?
I've had 2 Pros, very finicky when it comes to OC'ing them.
I had the best luck using ATItool, try different drives also.
it wasnt, it was running cool at 55 degrees ish, i read on tons of forums that the sapphire model in particular suffered from that problem, some were unlucky to experience it like i did... hopefully this one wont as well even though its asus, we will see... im pretty psyched cus i had a 7300gt before this and i used to think that looked pretty damn good, comming from a 64 meg radeon (dont even remember what it was) lol
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