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New System + Questions

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Hi, I'm new here I just wanted to ask a few questions about my new system which I'll be having for christmas (I had a sneak preview this morning).

Its got one of those nForce 630i 7150 motherboards in it (Biostar) with a Intel Pentium D 3.0Ghz (LGA 775), I'm planning on adding in a dedicated graphics and improving the CPU.


1: Will this support processors such as the Core 2 Quad?

2: If I do/can get a quad for this along with a new graphics card which 2 components do you recommend? (Budget £200 approx)

3: How is that motherboard for overclocking?
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I looked around a bit and I've found that it can support for sure; quad core, core 2 duo, and a core 2 extreme.
man your parents must hate you not to at LEAST buy you a subpar C2D xD lol.

but nah, thats good dude, will be a good step up from you sig rig, what kinda of card are you getting? if you don't want to spend a ton of $$ get the 5770, lately though i've been hearing the 4890 is AMAZING for the price.
Aye lol, well I just needed to get something that is running for now until I get the upgrade sorted, so that pentium D will do.

Those cards. Theyre ATI's right? (sorry I'm a Nvidia user). I was thinking of getting a Geforce GT240 but if you think those cards a better then, well you know.
1. which core 2 quad. the 65nm ones or the 45nm ones?
2. 1. Power supply. 2. a better GPU

frankly, you can get better for the money...

can you not convince them to let you put something together?
Which core 2 quad? I don't know I've been stuck using 478 socket processers (Celeron, ughh glad I got rid of that) all my life. That's why I was asking. (anything is a huge upgrade in my eyes)

Power supply? What are you asking? I have no clue of the power supply yet, I can't fully get my hands on the system at the moment.

"can you not convince them to let you put something together?"

Isn't that what I am doing? I'm just getting this as a base to get me going.

Also, this will be mainly for gaming but I'm not a hardcore gamer. (I'm happy with playing in low resolutions and low graphics)
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